Wednesday, October 2, 2013

LISA'S REVIEW: Emily Climbs (L.M. Montgomery) Emily of New Moon #2

Title: Emily Climbs

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Series: Emily of New Moon

Format: Paperback

Published May 1st 1983 by Starfire (first published 1925)

ISBN13: 9780553262148
 Emily Starr was born with the desire to write. As an orphan living on New Moon Farm, writing helped  her face the difficult, lonely times. But now all her friends are going away to high school in  nearby Shrewsbury, and her old-fashioned, tyrannical aunt Elizabeth will only let her go if she promises  to stop writng! All the same, this is the first  step in Emily's climb to success. Once in town,  Emily's activities set the Shrewsbury gossips  buzzing. But Emily and her friends are confident --  Ilse's a born actress, Teddy's set to be a great  artist, and roguish Perry has the makings of a brilliant  lawyer. When Emily has her poems published and  writes for the town newspaper, success seems to be on  its way -- and with it the first whispers of  romance. Then Emily is offered a fabulous opportunity,  and she must decide if she wants to change her  life forever.
(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)
Then second book in the Emily of New moon series. I loved the first book and in this book we get to see Emily and her friends grow! I love Emily's passion and character. The growing romance and friendship are great. A wonderful sequel. her school years and her first taste of love and success. This is the series that had me loving to read.

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