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LISA'S REVIEW: The Murder Wall (Mari Hannah) DCI Kate Daniels #1

Title: The Murder Wall

Author: Mari Hannah

Series: DCI Kate Daniels

Format: ARC

ISBN13: 9780062323507

Published October 15th 2013 by Witness Impulse

Source of copy: HarperCollins Witness Impulse


The Murder Wall: It's where you look death in the face.

Months after discovering a double homicide in a sleepy village, detective Kate Daniels is still haunted by her failure to solve the crime. When a new murder gives Daniels her first case as officer in charge, she jumps at another chance to get it right.

But even more shocking than the brutal killing is the fact that Daniels recognizes the corpse. Eager to prove herself, she decides to keep her connection to the dead man a secret from her team, putting her career in jeopardy as her personal and professional lives threaten to collide.

As the killer continues to claim his victims, Daniels unearths baffling clues in her search for connections among the murders . . . and while she draws closer to finding the culprit, he is watching her.

About the Author:
Westminster, The United Kingdom    

twitter username mariwriter       

About this author

When an injury on duty ended my career as Probation Officer, I began writing. I am the author of the Kate Daniels series published by Pan Macmillan. My debut, The Murder Wall, was written as a TV pilot for a BBC Drama Development Scheme - before the adaption. The novel has recently been nominated for the Polari First Book Prize. Before becoming an author, I fell in love with scriptwriting and submitted speculative original dramas to the BBC Writersroom. I've also written a romantic comedy feature film that I hope will find a producer one day. In 2010, I won the Northern Writers' Award for my second novel, Settled Blood. I'm represented by AM Heath literary agent, Oli Munson, and live in Northumberland with my partner, a former murder detective.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


This was a great crime book. I was so into this book. On the edge of my seat hoping Daniels and her team solved the case before Jo went to jail. I love the relationship between Daniels and Gormley. They were great partners. It made both characters more relatable.

I was so caught hoping for Daniels and Bright to have a chance together. I was completely shocked to find out about Jo. When I did though, so much made since, but I hated the way all of it came between them. Then when Bright found out I was heartbroken for him all over again.

I love a book where I get lost and caught up in the story. If you do too this is the book for you. I loved all the characters and hope to read more by Hannah. Murder Wall is a definite must read.



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