Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LISA'S REVIEW: Rae Falling (Blair Babylon) Devilhouse #1

Title: Rae Falling

Author: Blair Babylon

Series: Devilhouse

Format: Ebook


Published March 18th 2013 by Hot Rocks Publishing


One wild quickie with a sexy stranger will change Rae's life forever.

Rae Stone is majoring in psychology so that she can open a clinic for autistic kids, but when her scholarship is yanked because she failed an impossible statistics course, she thinks she's out of luck and doomed to return to her poverty-stricken hometown. Because she has three weeks of college freedom left, she goes to an upscale party and has a wild quickie with a stranger, who turns out to be the sexy owner of the Devilhouse, a BDSM club. He offers her a job that scares the heck out her, so she screws her courage to the sticking place and becomes Lady Macbeth, Domme of the Devilhouse. She's found the money to stay in college, but will the secretive Wulf turn out to be her Prince Charming or the Devil who tempts her to ruin?

WARNING: Due to sexual content, this book recommended for ages 18 and over. This title contains voyeurism, a bit of girl-girl exploration, graphic language and a wild quickie that should have been a one-night-stand.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


I am hooked. I cannot wit to read episode 2. I really liked Rae's character and her two friends. I wanted so much more. I hated it ended so soon.

I want to read on so badly. I think this is a great little short. Hope the next one is a enticing as the first. I should really say more but I really enjoyed this book and do not want to give anything away since it's a short.


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