Friday, January 24, 2014

LEANN'S REVIEW: Preordained World: The Girl That Didn't Belong (Helen Mullen)

Title: Preordained World: The Girl That Didn't Belong

Author: Helen Mullen

Format: ARC

Published December 2013

Source of copy: Gifted by author


Petite, brunette, Phoebe Cartwright, isn't an ordinary fifteen year old girl. As she starts her new life with her 'long lost' aunt and uncle, hundreds of miles from the place that she used to call home she tries to adapt to her new world without her parents. While super cute Jack seems to fancy her, Kirsty automatically seems to dislike her and the mysterious and intriguing Collum Bradley seems just as drawn to her, as she is to him. But Phoebe has a strange voice talking in her mind. Talking, not in her voice, but someone else's. A strange voice talking just to her.
Is she crazy?

As the voice tells Phoebe that the world as she knows it is preordained - with every life and every action determined by Twelve Ancient Spirits millions of years ago - Phoebe wonders if she is going mad? She alone does not belong in the preordained world?
But if the voice in Phoebe's head is real what does that mean for the world around … and how would the Ancient Spirit's react if they discovered her existence in their preordained world?

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I really enjoyed this read. I was hooked from the beginning and really enjoyed the back story. It really set up the read.

Everything happens for a reason... most of us say it or think we might believe it , but honestly we don't. We hope secretly that we can be anything we want and do anything we want. This book does a great job of making the preordained world a reality. And we get to live through the eyes of the one person who can change it.

It's a really fun read, with action, love triangles, mystery and a little supernatural. The ending almost got me... but I got my HEA so I was happy.





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