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LISA'S REVIEW: Snowy Night with a Stranger (Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries, Julia London) The Scandalous series # 2.5

Title: Snowy Night with a Stranger

Authors: Jane Feather
               Sabrina Jeffires
               Julia London

Format: Ebook

Series: The Scandalous series

ISBN13: 9781416578222

Published October 28th 2008 by Pocket Star


Warm up on a winter's night with three passionate love stories from three shining New York Times bestselling authors!
Jane Feather
leads an unwitting Yuletide traveler down a twisting path....

Edward Vasey, Viscount Allenton, is journeying precariously through a snowstorm when his coach is overtaken by high-waymen! Robbed of his money, Ned takes refuge at Selby Hall, where a spirited beauty with a shocking secret may steal something more -- his heart.
Sabrina Jeffries
unlocks the heart of an embittered lord....

When a coach accident strands heiress Elinor Bancroft at the home of the notorious Black Baron, she discovers the Christmas Day heartache that darkened his soul years ago -- and her generous heart brings a festive air to his home and reawakens his spirit to love.
Julia London
sends a debutante into the wintry Scottish wilds....

Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair, Fiona Haines is led by a rugged Highlander who obscures his scarred face. As they journey on, Fiona draws closer to her brave, enigmatic protector -- but will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


A book with 3 shorts that are fantastic. A good way to pass a cold day curled on your couch with hot chocolate in hand.
A Holiday Gamble (Jane)
The first story in this set and quite a tale at that. Most of the story is from Ned's point of view. I enjoyed his character but Georgie's character liven  up the story. When you first meet Shelby's character you know Ned has found trouble but I never predicted it would play out as it did. I go lost in this story quickly and enjoyed it a lot.

When Sparks Fly (Sabrina)
I found myself smiling a lot in this little tale despite all the tragedy in this story. I loved Elli's bright personality. She was so easy to connect with. Martin was great, his tormented soul was the best opposite to Elli. I loved the kids and Mr. Huggett. I loved this story period. A perfect read.

Highlander (Julia)
This story was slower than the other two but just as wonderful. I thin I liked the ending best because I want it to carry on and hope that there is a sequel too this tory. Duncan was a great character for being mostly silent, very well written. Fiona was so chatty but it worked. Normally I hate that in characters but this time it kept the story going with the mostly mute Duncan.

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