Friday, January 31, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: Accidentally Flirting with the CEO (Shadonna Richards) Whirlwind Romance #1

Title: Accidentally Flirting with the CEO

Author: Shadonna Richards

Series: Whirlwind Romance

Format: Ebook




ACCIDENTALLY FLIRTING WITH THE CEO *A sizzling romantic novella...

What happens when a seductive e-mail goes to the wrong recipient--your boss?

If Jess Tandon were any hotter, he'd be a fire hazard! The sexy, arrogant president of TLC Advertising is more than just delicious eye-candy. He's caught the eyes and heart of his normally-play it safe executive assistant, Alexa Worthington.

Too bad the only sex Alexa is having is safe text. She's only just gotten over tragic heartbreak in her life, but she wants to move on now. She takes a romance writing class for therapy and creates a sizzling fantasy love scene starring her boss, Jess, and herself. When she e-mails it to a friend to critique, it ends up going to the wrong recipient--to Jess himself. Is this a disaster waiting to happen--or the beginning of something too hot to handle?

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


This is an ok short! I like it but I don't love it. It is very predictable and has too little background on the characters. this was also easily put down and i want a book I can't put down. 

Alexa is the only character I could connect with. i wanted more from the other characters. I will be reading on because despite the predictability I liked the story and want to know more!


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