Friday, January 31, 2014

LISA'S REVIEW: What He Wants (Eden Cole)

Title: What He Wants

Author: Eden Cole

Format: Ebook

Published January 5th 2011 by Amira Press, LLC


Matthew's girlfriend breaks up with him on a flimsy excuse, one he decides can't be true. She's sure he wants their mutual best friend Aaron and has for a long time. To further complicate the friendship that means everything to him, she's putting ideas into Aaron's head too. Now, the two men who are as close as brothers are alone together, awkward, and nervous about admitting to each other and themselves just how right Abbey is.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


This book was a fairly new experience for me. i have not really read much about male/male relationships. I have read several books with side characters with male/male relationships but not any books with this the sole focus. Not really my cup of tea, but the story itself was really good.

The love between Mathew and Aaron was strong and I enjoyed their story. I was rooting for them to work it out! For my introduction to this genre i was really impressed!


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