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Guest Post/ Blog Takeover: Caitlin Kerry

Name and/or pin name: Caitlin Kerry 
Books written: Finding June 
Home country or state: Idaho, USA
Bio: Caitlin Kerry is obsessed with the stories we tell. Her love of reading and writing led her to accomplish a goal she set for herself at the age of seventeen. She has a degree in History and Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration. Caitlin is an avid tea drinker, hopeful adventurer, lover of music and often finds the best medicine is the quiet of nature. 

Guest Post: Let's talk about New Adult

I set out to write New Adult because I am a new adult! I'm 25 and just finished my masters degree. My life is in constant change. I wrote Finding June as a book that related to me and what I felt many other new adults were facing. Now, if you know anything about NA, you will find that NA is broad and what is defined as NA has a pretty wide range. Little did I know when I put Finding June out there was what people were saying and how they were saying it was different than what was out there. Finding June is really about June and her journey. There is a love story and Reece is book boyfriend worthy, but this is truly a story about a girl trying to find her path. It's a feed good book. There's not a lot of angst, some drama, but also heartfelt moments about what is important. 

I love NA and I love how there are so many ways to write about it. I love the simple stories that speak to you in the words that flow off the paper (or kindle) and move you in a way that makes you think differently about how you see the world. That, as an author, is my goal. Life can be hard and unexpected, but finding the good and strength in it is where the true beauty lies. This is what Finding June is about and I am so happy I got to talk to you guys about it here on this guest post!!

I want to know in the comments, what does NA mean to you? And type of NA do you love to read? And make sure to check out Finding June, or just drop by and say hi! I love talking books :) 

Excerpt - Finding June by Caitlin Kerry

I placed a kiss on his forehead like he had done to me so many times. I then kissed each of his closed eyes, moving down to the tip of his slightly crooked nose. He started to make very appreciative noises, as I finally kissed him softly on the lips. This finally woke him up and his eyes sleepily opened. Yep, this was perfection right here. I went in to kiss him again, and this time he was responsive as he kissed me back. We made out like teenagers hiding behind the bleachers, we couldn’t get enough of each other. His kisses were addictive and all I wanted to do was lie in this bed and make out all day. I didn’t even care about moving forward, this kissing was amazing. Reece shifted and suddenly I was underneath him, his hands running up my body.
Okay, maybe I did want to move forward.
His mouth moved to my neck, using his warm lips to lazily trail hot kisses from below my ear to my collarbone. His hands moved underneath my shirt and laid heavily on my waist as he claimed my mouth again. His hands and mouth were making me feel like there was this burning heat deep within me, coursing through my body, lighting me up and trying to find a way to shine, to release the built up energy. Our kisses were innocent in nature, but made me feel like I was drowning in desire, gasping for air and searching for the surface.
Suddenly I heard a Jolene say from below, “Incoming!” I tensed as I heard it, and then I felt something hard hit the bed. I gave a loud eek as Reece chuckled and moved away from me to find the object that had ruined the moment. Reece searched through the down comforter that was in a tangle of knots to find an orange.
Hooker was throwing fruit at me!
“Jo, what the fuck? Why are you throwing fruit at us?” I yelled as I reached for my glasses.
“Breakfast, come down and get it! Sounds like you guys need some fuel,” Jo stated.
I knew she was just trying to piss me off. I wasn’t making that much noise. Was I? Oh fuck, I probably was. As I swung my legs over the bed, Reece stopped me. “Wait, one for the road,” he said, leaning me back and kissing me.
I could get used to this.


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