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Author Interview: Stacey Mosteller

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Name:   Stacey Mosteller 
Books written: Save Me From Myself & Never Wanted More are out now, Everything I Shouldn’t comes out 5/20/14!
Home country or state: (optional) North Carolina
Bio: (optional) 

Questions & Answers

1. Who inspired you to become an author? I guess my husband? He told me in February 2013 after I spent $400 in Kindle books that I should write my own just to pay for my addiction. I blew him off until NaNoWriMo in November and wrote Save Me From Myself :)

2. What is the first book you remember reading? Oh wow…when I was 14 I borrowed (stole) this book from my mom called My Lady Vixen by Connie Mason

3. Do you have a favorite character that you have written so far or one you relate to most? and Why? (I know its a hard one) Oh that is really hard! I guess the one I relate to the most right now is Lyric, but my favorite to write so far is Jeremy (He’s one of the main characters in Everything I Shouldn’t) I love being in his head.

4. What authors or genres inspire you most? So many! I love Emily Snow, Abbi Glines, HM Ward, Colleen Hoover

5. Do you have any future books for us to look forward to or big news you want to share with us? I do! Everything I Shouldn’t comes out May 20th, and then I’m working on a *secret* project that I can’t talk about yet but will be out in July. The next Nashville Nights book will hopefully be out in mid/late August

6. Any advice for those of us who want to take the leap into writing or publishing ourselves? Find someone or some people that you trust to give you honest feedback! My betas are some of my favorite people :) Also, find people that will push you. I have two amazing author friends - Aly Martinez and Tessa Teevan who sprint with me and encourage me along the way.

7. How old were you when you started writing? I really don’t remember. I started writing down stories when I was really young.
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Ok now for the silly stuff
1. What are some of your hobbies out side of writing and reading? Do Facebook & Twitter count? Spending time with my husband and three boys - they are 15, 14 and 8 - such fun ages!

2. Favorite Movie - At the moment, Pitch Perfect. All time favorite? Centerstage
    Favorite Book - You can’t ask me that! I read over 1,000 books in 2013 and they are ALL my favorite. I could pick my favorite child easier than my favorite book!
    Favorite Author - so not fair. I have many! I love, love, love Emily Snow. Not only are her books fantastic, but she’s the sweetest person ever. HM Ward is hilarious to talk to and I would read the phone book if she told me she wrote it :)
   Favorite Song - My playlist right now has like 5 songs that I listen to over and over. Good To You & So Soon by Marianas Trench, You Can’t Break A Broken Heart by Kate Voegele, You Think You Know Somebody by Hunter Hayes, Beautiful by Chester See, and an All Of Me Cover by Tyler Ward
   Favorite Actor/actress - I really don’t watch much TV, but I love Ian Somerhalder.
    Dream Car - I have no idea lol

3. Do you have a current book boy friend? If so who is He? I just finished Stolen Course by Aly Martinez, so right now I have a serious crush on Caleb. I love Kale from Tessa Teevan’s Inflame too (and Knox from Incinerate is one of my favorites!)

4. Most embarrassing moment (that you are willing to share)? I have so many…let me think. Oh, I have one. So, back in February, I went to Indie Girl Con because my writing bestie Aly Martinez was signing there. She lives in Chicago, I live in NC so we’d never met in person, only talked on FB, Twitter and the phone. When I walked in, she shouted my name and came running over to me. I wanted to run away LOL. But, it gets better - the next day I was standing next to her and literally trying to hide behind her pricing sign because I’m really, really shy and talking to people I don’t know terrifies me.

5. Favorite place to travel? I love the NC Outer Banks. We vacation there on Spring Break every year, usually in Rodanthe
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6. What book are you currently reading or just read? This is where things get shameful. I’m writing, but I’ve probably read 10 books this week. I read an insane amount! I just finished Rush Too Far, Shame on Me, Alpha, Stolen Course, Of Happiness by Olivia Luck, Take Me For Granted, Bender, Finding Us, The Proposition 4, Can’t Shake You…I could go on forever probably.

7. One thing your readers do not know about you? I am the most shy person EVER! The fact that I’m an author amuses me greatly because I am absolutely terrified about interacting with people. See my most embarrassing moment!

8. Last but not least... What is your favorite color? It changes a lot. I love pink, probably because I only have boys, so I have no little girl to dress up :(

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