Monday, July 6, 2015

LISA'S REVIEW: The Divide (Nathan Doneen)

The Divide: a 2700 mile search for answers

 Nathan Doneen

How far would you go to answer a simple question? 

After his final year at university, Nathan Doneen wasn't satisfied with the direction his life was heading. He had doubts … he had questions. In June of 2013, Nathan set out on his mountain bike to search for answers along the Great Divide, a 2700-mile route that traces the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico… and he set out alone. 

Thrown into the world of erratic weather, cramped bivy sacks, and overwhelming solitude, Nathan was continually forced from his comfort zone, putting his personal growth on steroids. 

With both his future and past in mind, Nathan's revealing and honest account illustrates the challenges of the route—and life—and how it's possible to find the strength and courage to move past them.

I was asked to read this by the author and as soon as I read the synopsis I was in. I was so busy at the time, I just could not fit this into my schedule. I recently had the time to read it and now I am wishing I would not have waited. This was such and inspiration. The whole journey is amazing. I know any reader would be inspired by such a journey. Nathan Doneen did a wonderful job. He takes you on his journey and you feel like you are right there with him and discovering the Divide along side him. A great inspirational read!

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