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LISA'S REVIEW: Tranquility (Anya Bast) OtherKin #2

Title: Tranquility

Author: Anya Bast

Series: OtherKin

Published: December 2008 by Anya Bast


Source of copy: Amazon


Roane leaves the Fury werewolf pack to make room for his brother, Merrick, and his new mate. A natural alpha, there's nowhere Roane can go in wolf country and not stir up trouble. He settles in a town called Tranquility and immediately raises the hackles of the local pack leader.
Even worse, Roane gets one look at Scarlet, the pack leader's sister, and will do anything to possess her. Scarlet tries to resist him, but his touch inflames desire she can barely control. And that means heaps of trouble for both of them.
This short story is a free title, offered by New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast.
Tranquility is part two of a two part series. Fury is the title of part one. These titles are highly erotic and meant for those 18 years or older

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


The sequel to Fury, telling the story of the brother after leaving his pack. This story was more enjoyable than the first installment. Though it still lacked the background of the pack laws but went into more detail than Fury.


I found this book with a good flow and story line. The forbidden love affair leaves you on the edge of your seat to find out who the alpha will be. The suspense in this love makes it a very interesting read. The only fault is the lack of background. But, this is a short so you can only get so much.


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