Sunday, October 6, 2013

LEANN'S REVIEW: A Vampire's Rise (Vanessa Fewings) Stone Masters Vampire #1

Title: A Vampire's Rise

Author: Vanessa Fewings

Series: Stone Masters Vampire

Format: ARC

ISBN: 9780989478458

Published May 27th 2013 by VMK


For a vampire, the journey from life to death is just the beginning. For Daumia Velde, this torment will take him from the savage bullfighting arenas of 15th century Spain, into the terrifying chambers of desolate mausoleums. From the darkest, winding, city streets of London into bohemian castles imbued with corridors of eternal secrets and endless lies, yet to be discovered.

As Daumia hunts down his brother's murderer, he becomes entwined in the fateful love of the alluring Sunaria, the woman that will change his life forever. But as the blood spills and the love grows, Daumia finds that the price of revenge may be the very salvation of his soul. Struggling to hold on to the last remnants of his humanity, Daumia emerges from the underworld, rising out of the ashes of his past and evolving into the deadliest of killers, one that no mortal or immortal can resist.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


I love the cover of this book! It is very dark and mysterious. I don't even know how to gather my thoughts on this book. So much happened with in these pages. So much loss and change. It's hard to put it into words...

What is harder is deciding if I really liked this book or not. The story was intriguing enough. I was definitely caught up in it, But it seemed to go on forever. There didn't seem to be an ending and time would skip so far ahead in places.

As far as characters go I found myself really getting into a character or plot and then it would drastically change. Usually in a violent death. How many people can you lose before you become emotionally dead? For Daumia I can understand if he completely lost it. He somehow seems to hold onto part of himself. I think this is the basis of the story. I kept looking for the silver lining. I'm not sure if I ever found it.

So overall? Good book. Would I recommend it? Yes. Wasn't my favorite book but definitely worth a read. I would have liked to seen some of these personal relationships for Daumia to actually work out, but life isn't always sunshine and daisies. Especially when you are a vampire and live forever. 



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