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Author Interview: Chantal Bellehumeur

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Name: Chantal Bellehumeur    

Books written:

Fictional diaries: Veronica's Soap Opera Life (2009),Veronica's Attempt at Romance (2009),Veronica's Happily Ever After (2010)

Horror novel: Just.Another.Common.Killer (2010)

 Thirteen-A Compilation of Short Stories (2011)

 Hope (2011)

Fantasy novel: Sdrawkcab (2012) 

Feel good book: Not Alone (2014) 

Emily-A Compilation of Short Stories ( 2014)

(Short stories, poems, and memoir featured in Anthologies and Compilation book…)

 Home country or state: Canada


I am a multi-genre author who always loved to write but never thought about publishing anything until a friend of mine told me I should.

Before that, I was more interested in acting. I performed in a couple of amateur stage showed and joined a Youth run Theatre Company. I was also an extra in a few commercials, TV shows and movies.

My love for acting soon got replaced with the love for my son. I made him my number one priority. I found it easier to write on my spare time than to work around other people's schedules to act. I found that I had to use some of my acting training to write since I had to put myself in the shoes of the characters I created.

I currently have 8 books available to purchase and write short stories for The Suburban's Online Magazine. All the stories can be read for FREE.

Some of my work was also featured in Aspiring to Inspire Anthology as well as Words of Fire and Ice.

My memoir of motherhood was included in the compilation book They Call me Mamma Bear, put together by author Amber Royce.

While I continue to come up with stories, I encourage my son to so some writing of his own since he is full of good ideas and has a big imagination. He reminds me of myself as a child.

I am a single mom and feel very lucky to have Aidan in my life. 

On a side note, whether you own any of my books or not, you can request a personalized digital autograph from me by going to the following link:

 Questions & Answers

1. Who inspired you to become an author? To be honest, I never planned on becoming an author.  It just kind of happened.   lol

2. What is the first book you remember reading? It was probably a Disney book but I honestly can’t remember the very first one I read.  I had a whole collection and my mom would read me a story before going to bed every night.  She would make up different voices for all the characters so it was pretty entertaining.

3. Do you have a favorite character that you have written so far or one you relate to most? and Why? (I know its a hard one)  Well, most of my main characters are originally based on me so I can pretty much relate to them all; even Jack, but only because he is an artistic person not because he is a killer…  He’s the favourite one I created, but would not wish him to be real.  Out of all my characters I would not mind to be real, I like Emily the most because she travelled to cool destinations, has an adorable child who sometimes drives her crazy but whom she can live without, and has an awesome husband… She lives the life I wish I had if things had worked out with my son’s father and I.

4. What authors or genres inspire you most?  I don’t stick to just one genre when I write or read.  I was really into Stephen King in the past and have now discovered so many other good authors who have also become my friends.  I don’t want to start naming them all at the risk of forgetting somebody.

5. Do you have any future books for us to look forward to or big news you want to share with us?  Well, since I received a lot of positive feedback for my feel good book ‘’Not Alone’’ and a reader asked me if I was going to continue writing about Harmony, I started working on a sequel.  Also, a reviewer recently told me she wanted to read more Emily stories and I left an opening for a sequel at the end of ‘’Emily-A Compilation of Short Stories’’ so writing it is part of my future plans.

6. Any advice for those of us who want to take the leap into writing or publishing ourselves?

7. How old were you when you started writing? I started writing stories when I learned how to write altogether so around the age of 6. 

Ok now for the silly stuff
1. What are some of your hobbies out side of writing and reading?  There are other things to do aside from writing and reading?  Lol  I am very artistic so I like to do crafts, paint, decorate… In the winter, I prefer to stay indoors and like to watch movies or play board games.  In the summer I have to be outdoors and pretty much just do whatever hobbies I can outside. (except for TV watching obviously)

2. Favorite Movie:  Scream, yet I have to be in the mood for that type of movie to want to watch it.

    Favorite Book:  I don’t tend to read books more than once anymore and can’t pin point one in particular I would consider my favourite.  It used to be Romeo and Juliet.

    Favorite Author: I don’t have ONE favourite, I have many and once again I am afraid to forget somebody if I list them.

   Favorite Song:  Depends on my mood.  lol

   Favorite Actor/actress: Johnny Depp + Colm Feore

    Dream Car:  I don’t have a licence nor do I plan on getting one because I daydream too much and would be dangerous on the road. 

3. Do you have a current book boyfriend? If so who is He?   No.  I am satisfied with my real boyfriend.

4. Most embarrassing moment (that you are willing to share)? I am pretty clumsy so have a few embarrassing moments.  The first that comes to mind is me tripping on who knows what on the sidewalk and going flying ahead.  I got up confused, thinking nobody else had seen me since it was pretty dark and the only person I could see was far away.  However, the person walking towards me asked me if I was ok when he got close enough.  I told him I was physically fine but that my pride was damaged and we both laughed.  That’s what I usually do when something embarrassing happens to me.  I laugh it off. 

5. Favorite place to travel?  Europe

6. What book are you currently reading or just read?  I am currently reading the debut novel ‘’The Big Summer’’ of 17 year old Jamie Laurie because I offered to write a review for him.  I am enjoying this well written book so far.

7. One thing your readers do not know about you? 

8. Last but not least... What is your favorite color?   Black.  I know, it’s not technically a color.

~Chantal Bellehumeur~
9 books of various genres available to purchase on Amazon + short stories published in The Suburban Online magazine + short stories and poems featured in anthologies + motherhood memoir in compilation book.

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